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  • Sharon Cabana, MA, LMFT

Cherry Blossoms: A Brief Meditation on Living Fiercely

It’s Spring here in Oregon and the cherry blossoms are blooming. All around, fragrant blossoms of pink, white, and fuschia bespeckle an ever increasingly green landscape. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are called “sakura” and symbolize the coming of spring and the ephemeral nature of life. Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully, but briefly. Their season lasts a scant 1-2 weeks before the blossoms fall and fade away. A human life can endure for over a century or fade away in short season. Cherry blossoms remind us that whether enduring or scant, a life can be lived fiercely and beautifully. Cherry blossoms’ season is short, but is lived without regret. Despite the sorrow of their passing, these tiny flowers live on in the bated breath of awe-struck observers who wait each year for their return. They are a reminder to all of us to live fiercely, to honor the transient nature of life, and to celebrate each and every precious moment we have, because, after all, we only have this moment to live in.

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