"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

We all face challenges in life. There are broken hearts and lost dreams. There is grief and sadness. There is heartache and heartbreak. When it feels that we have lost our way, it helps to have someone to guide us on the healing journey. 


Horses are natural healers. They have grown with humans for thousands of years, providing warmth and carrying our burdens across lands all around the world. Because of this history, they have developed a deep symmetry with humans, mirroring our feelings and fears on the deepest neurological and emotional levels. Whether you choose our equine-facilitated healing program or prefer to stay in the office setting, Stable Balance provides a safe space and knowledgeable guidance to help clients find healing from the inside out.


Sharon Cabana, MA,LMFT

My name is Sharon Cabana. I was bit by the horse bug as a child when I asked my mom for a unicorn for my birthday. I never received my unicorn, but I did finally enter the world of horses when I was an adult. I chose equine-facilitated psychotherapy as part of my personal practice because I believe that horsemanship is about the special bond humans have with their horse friends. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Oregon. I graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2015 with a certificate in Eating Disorders treatment and training in the animal-human bond and the treatment of trauma.  I continue to work as a specialist in trauma-specific treatment, eating disorders, spiritual and integrative care, and culturally integrative treatment.  I provide individual, couples, and family therapy in addition to workshops, retreats, and groups. I am poly/kink friendly and an LGTBQIA-ally. At Anamchara, I integrate knowledge of both the neuroscience of the human-horse bond and the wisdom of spiritual horsemanship into my work as a teacher and therapist. I believe in giving my clients the foundations they need to succeed in all their endeavors while maintaining a healthy and stable balance from the inside out.

Program Partner and Host


Anamchara Stables, located in picturesque Helvetia just outside of Hillsboro, OR, is a medium-sized barn offering a range of services including a dressage school and riding lessons, summer camps, equine retreats and workshops.  Sharon has worked closely with owner, Anke Brandstater, for over four years.  Anamchara is the host facility and mission partner for Stable Balance.  

For more information on Anamachara and what makes it unique, please visit their website at anamcharafarm.com or contact Anke Brandstater at anke@anamcharafarm.org or (503) 647-5176.

Anamchara Stables

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