Over the last decade, what psychotherapists and neuroscientists know about trauma has grown. Research shows that traumatic events live in the cells of our bodies, a type of memory that connects to our basic needs and instincts for survival. When we experience these events, we have rapid, automatic responses to things that remind us of those events What we know now is that healing has to begin with the body, helping to calm those responses and teach our bodies how to feel safe again. This type of therapy is called “body-centered treatment.”  In both my work in equine-facilitated psychotherapy and office-based therapy, body-centered practices are an integral part of helping my clients return to their center. Over the last several years, I have studied and trained to create a holistic practice that nurtures healing in body, mind, and spirit. Whether that's through traditional counseling techniques, qi gong, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy or the integration of these modalities, my goal is to serve as a healing guide for my clients as they travel their unique journeys.


My work with horses creates mindfulness, the practice of helping clients live in the present moment and connect with their senses in a safe environment.  Horses are our partners, our soul friends, and our healers.  Each one has a unique gift and perspective to bring to the healing journey. Because each horse healer is different, their emotional and physical well-being is paramount. In this way, we both give and receive nurturing and loving kindness on the healing journey.


Trauma is defined as difficult or disturbing events that occur in our lives. It can come from a myriad of places, -beginning with  our earliest relationships and experiences, and can leave us hurting long after. Without taking the time to examine the sources of the pain, we may grow to doubt ourselves, struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and lose our way on our life’s path. In short, we fall “off balance.” Stable Balance is about using integrative modalities to help you come back into balance with your core self, your values, and your inner wisdom. My mission is to create a safe space where the deep wounds of the past can be explored, understood, and healed.

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