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Autism Assessments for Adults

As a multiply neurodivergent clinician with training and background in neurodiversity-affirming care, I offer adult Autism and ADHD assessments. These assessments can provide clarity and validation, no matter the diagnosis. There is not guarantee of confirmation of an autism diagnosis and some clients may be referred out for more intensive neuropsychological and cognitive testing based on need.

This assessment includes a comprehensive interview, a series of questionnaires validated for the diagnosis of autism, and an assessment of frequently co-occurring conditions related to autism. Following the interview, I will complete a report (usually given in 2-4 weeks) detailing background, results, clinical recommendations, and diagnosis with justification and impressions. There will be a brief 30 min-1 hour follow up to discuss the report and recommendations. The total time for the assessment including follow up is approximately 4 hours.

Please contact me if you are interested in using insurance benefits for this service. I am happy to provide a superbill for your insurance company.

Fee: $800 (includes evaluation, report, and follow up session)

Sliding scale available. Please inquire directly.

As a Master's level clinician, these assessments can be used for coordination of care with your care team and for self-edification. Unfortunately, these assessments are not recognized by county or state-level officials for broader services (e.g. occupational therapy) due to policies regarding access to care. However, all of my evaluations have been approved by medical doctors and psychiatrists, which have enabled my clients to access these services. In addition, many times care teams will take these reports and work with you to get you access to appropriate accommodations. Please consult with your care team with any questions regarding this.

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