Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy was developed by Diane Zimberoff of the Wellness Institute. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy integrates trauma-centered healing with evidence-based practice. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy reaches the core of our life experiences and helps us to find the healing power within to write new stories and take new action to change our lives. Through the trance state you will connect to the roots of your pain contributing to self-sabotaging behavior, relationship struggles, and more. Throughout the entire experience, you will be aware of the world around you. There's no suggestion; Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy works from your center and your heart, to write your story. Whether it's working through old wounds or old habits, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy can help bring you healing in mind, body and spirit. And, no, there's no clucking like a chicken. Promise.

Some areas of focus for Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy include:

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Eating Disorders

  • Establishing a Healthy Relationship with Food

  • Boundaries and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Self-Esteem and Self-worth

If you're interested in this amazing healing modality, please contact me for a free 15-30 minute consultation.

Hypnotherapy sessions are approximately 90 minutes. The fee is $130 per session or $480 for a package of 4. At this time, I do not bill insurance for hypnotherapy. I do offer superbills for those seeking reimbursement from their insurance.